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myhealthfitnessmag.com came up with the best blogs on its way. It will increase the post visitors enough for your post for the healthcare “write for us”. We are here to help you make more out of us with respect to healthblogs written for us to associate in your business.

You have to just be ready with the content and send it to us directly for proofreading. We will do the checking for you and please feel to contact our serptrustmarketing@gmail.com We constantly offer the writers to polish their skills to get their articles published. The content written on health tips should be popular enough to catch the attention of more and more visitors.

Benefits of Writing Guest Post

Guest blogging is the correct way to extend your brand’s note while increasing your particular brand for submitting blog posts. Here are six most important benefits of guest blogging:

1. Instant experience to targeted traffic

myhealthfitnessmag.com will make sure for you that your audience’s interest is captured again and again to guest post. We make you succeed to write a top-quality post to maximize flowing to your site once it goes live. Improve your website’s arrival pages, and other necessities to boost your chances of the required post.

2. Develop your individual network

There was a time when being involved with influencers was tremendously difficult to become a guest blogger. But with guest blogging, the method is now modest. All you need to do is be lively in the public. myhealthfitnessmag.com will do this for you by leaving remarks, sharing posts, or cold-email your forecasts. If likely, you can even request influencers as suppliers to your own blog.

3. Motivate social media shares

Creating social media shares is one method to exponentially spread your online reach. The more shares your registered content gets the guest article, the more share worthy in the senses of your audience. If you are given a guest post to a blog with sufficient social media activity then portions should come logically once your content gets circulated.

4. Grow Your Social Media Following

Guest blogging not only raises the amount of social media shares to your content, it can also increase your supporter count and quicken your lead generation determinations. By contributing to a commanding blog, you are fundamentally getting them to promise for your brand to submit posts.

5. Progress your online Authority

Modern online publicizing is all about experts. Even with the greatest content in the world, it’ll be problematic to transform your audience into faithful subscribers or paying customers if they do not trust your brand.

6. Strengthen your backlink profile

Maximum blogs that receive guest posts agree with their contributors to leave at least a unique link to their own site. After all, maximum of them don’t deal any monetary compensation for your tough work. A passing brand comment or keyword-optimized connection is the least they could do to prize your efforts.

Topics For Writing Guest Article for Us

We keep on writing and accepting the below mention topics.

  1. Digital health and wellness during COVID phase
  2. Sleep and growing importance of digital health
  3. Three many human reasons why digital health care can help treat anxiety and depression
  4. The growing importance of digital health
  5. Are health care apps really beneficial for you?
  6. DMP: A much needed app for diabetes
  7. 3 top health app for children
  8. Trending consumer technologies in healthcare
  9. Utilizing AI to improve the efficiency
  10. Biochip Instead of Animal Testing
  11. 6 Reasons to Choose FUE Hair Transplant Surgery
  12. Why Should People Start Using Helplines?
  13. Ideal Ingredients to Check in Your Health Supplement
  14. Customizable Masks: The Key to Getting Young Adults Onboard?
  15. Smart Hospitals That Are Changing the Healthcare Landscape
  16. How Can Hospital Culture Drive Improved Patient Care?
  17. Medway NHS Foundation Trust Improves Employee Case Management
  18. 5 Ways to Prevent the Spread of Diseases in Hospitals
  19. Biochip Instead of Animal Testing
  20. 6 Reasons to Choose FUE Hair Transplant Surgery


  • We consider only original, distinctive, pertinent, detailed and well – written content. If you have already published your article somewhere else, still you can submit it to us without being bothered as we make edit posts and google it before publishing.
  • The articles must contain headings as well as subheadings and should be divided in sections. Also, it should be easily understandable.
  • Our company ABCD takes only original content into consideration. It includes images and public domain only. We do not entertain any copied guest post.
  • Guest posts should contain 600-2000 words. You can also submit news of the same word range.
  • The guest blogger needs to fully own the content.
  • A blog post should also contain relevant links. Minimum 1 link must be added in a blog containing 300 words. Maximum 300 links can be added including the author’s link.
  • Author’s byline is also required.
  • We appreciate advice, suggestions and tutorials for small businesses.
  • We respect your efforts that you put into your work, that’s why we want you to link back to your post in your future articles and blogs. So, please  write something worth linking to.

If you have any query and want to get complete information please email us at serptrustmarketing@gmail.com

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

Q. What I do after submitting a post?

As soon as we publish, you are required to be active in the comments section, answering all the questions of the readers.

Q. Can I become a guest blogger?

Yes, of course, you can become a guest blogger. If you are interested, you can sign up with us.

Q. I want to write for your company. Where can I write articles and blogs?

Our website My Health Fitness Mag always welcomes new contributing writers. But we accepts only good quality content. You can mail us your content at serptrustmarketing@gmail.com

Q. What should be the ideal length of my blog posts?

An ideal blog post must contain at least 1000 – 1500 words, as readers stick with a blog between 7-10 minutes.

Q. Am I allowed to re – post my submitted content on my blog?

No, if your content is published on our website then our company possesses all the rights of that content. So, you are not allowed to repost it on your own blog or on any other website.

Q. Do you edit the posts that we submit?

Yes, our company ABCD does edit your posts for better quality, designation and substance.

Q. Do you prefer cross posting of other blogs?

No, we don’t prefer cross- posting of articles. If you want to become a consistent contributor of our site, then mail us at serptrustmarketing@gmail.com

Our Aim

It is a fact that we everlastingly publish your guest post on our website, but we go further than that by sharing the guest post with stating ‘this is a guest post by’. We do that numerous times for your guest post with dissimilar tweet arrangements throughout a whole year. The subsequent item in our top-secret paste is our refrain that stands up to your guest post and gets published now. Yes, we do our best to have a smooth and fast publication practice. Your guest post should be available on the same day to get out around and be observed!

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