The 5 Top High-Intensity MMA Workout to Build Strength and Muscles

We are all fans of the best MMA fighters but so many people work hard to reach the industry. Yet the people who reach the fighting industry are equal to peanuts. Consistent training and hard work are important for winning an MMA fight but there is so much more that you need to become a superstar. According to professionals in the industry, if you want to be a superstar you need strength, speed, endurance, and flexibility. All these things combined make the magical recipe of an MMA superstar. We have seen so many people fighting the game but when it comes to athleticism most people fail. The biggest issue so far that we have noticed is that newbies lack stamina. They get tired very easily and although they have a better technique, however, they are unable to channel their energy in a way to make their fight powerful. If you can master the magical combination of speed, strength, flexibility, and stamina, you will see your domination. However, the route to success is a thorny path and it is not as easy as most people believe. To acquire the agility and explosiveness that you see in professionals you need professional help as well. This professional helps will assist you in formulating a workout plan that will help you reach your goal faster. In most cases, people start with technique building that helps them with muscle memory. After the technique, they work on strategy so they can use all the maneuvers perfectly. Once they are done with the strategy they build speed and stamina. However, recent researchers explain that stamina building is a process that cannot be fixed overnight. Right from your first day, you need to work on your stamina building otherwise you will face challenges.

For beginners who do not understand the main idea behind strength building, we have listed down some benefits. Apart from this, we have also jotted down some exercises that can help you with strength building and you will soon see some development.

Benefits of Strength Building Exercises for MMA Fighters

There are so many different benefits of strength training. Some are connected directly to MMA others are not connected directly to MMA but our daily life. In short, the scope of strength training is much more than we think. Some of the benefits of strength building have been listed below:

·         Strength building helps with reducing the risk of injury

·         Strength building exercises are vital for marinating the muscle tissue

·         Strength-based exercises help control body fat

·         Strength exercises are great cardio and help with marinating the body health

·         Strength-based exercises are good for bone density

·         Strength exercises are good for stamina so you can continue fighting for a longer time without getting tired

Apart from all the benefits limited for MMA, other health benefits are linked with general health. Some of the benefits that you must know about include reducing the risk of colon cancer, improving sleep quality, boosting mood and overall body energy. It is also helpful for improving diabetes, calorie burn out rates, and reducing the risk of anxiety as well.

Full-Body Strength Exercises for MMA Fighters

Warm Up Options

Before starting the strength training you need to prep your body. With the help of a warm-up session, you can easily reduce the chance of injury and your body will set to the rhythm of the exercises without any issue.

Time: this will take 10 minutes in total

Equipment: you will need, jump rope, comfortable sneakers, dumbbells, and good sportswear

Exercise Type: this is a warm-up session with dynamic stretching

·         Start with a basic jog for 5 minutes and then take a rest for 30 seconds.

·         Now take 2 minutes for a jump rope and then rest for 30 minutes

·         Now for each exercise of squats, high knee, bear crawl, and arm curls take 45 seconds each exercise.  Once you are done, breathe in and out for 30 seconds.

Main Exercise

For the actual exercise, you need to take care of the time as well as all the maneuvers that are included. Each step is important and overdoing something might injure you. On the other hand, if you end up not completing the exercise you will not get desired results.

Time: 25 minutes

Equipment: dumbbells, cable pull machine, kettlebell, sportswear, and comfortable sneakers

Exercise Type: hardcore strength and weight training

Dumbbell Pushups

These push ups require some weight practice as well so you need to adjust accordingly. Grab dumbbells in both hands and get into the push-up position. After completing two pushups, grab the dumbbell and row it by using one hand. Do the same with the other hand after two more pushups and keep going. You need to complete three reps in total.

Burpee, Pushup, and squat

This is a pretty easy exercise to understand. You should start with the burpee and then get to the pushup position. After completion of pushup, you need to complete a squat. This will not require the use of weight but there are a few precautions that you must keep in mind. Most people either fall or lose balance and if you are a beginner you might feel that after a few seconds, your legs will feel numb. This is a hard exercise for beginners and requires a lot of work so maintaining your balance is important.

Cable Pulls

Cable pull is a great exercise for the upper body that will help you throw powerful punches. All you need is a cable pull machine and you need to join the ropes. You have to complete 30 reps while standing. For this exercise, the tip is to keep your back straight and your shoulders aligned with your back. A bad posture will only put more strain on your back and this will eventually trigger back pain.

Kettlebell Swing

The kettlebell swing is another great exercise that will help you strengthen your upper body muscles. All you need to do is just hold the kettlebell and perform a single-arm swing. You can alternate your arm after 10 reps. Overall, you need two complete 20 reps.


Most people leave the exercise here but you need to complete it with a simple cool-down exercise. This will consist of squats, push press and power cleans. This will only take 2 minutes. Most people end it up with 2 minutes of shadow boxing or yoga. It all depends on personal preference. You can complete your exercise with yoga only if you complete every maneuver. However, mostly this will take more than 15 minutes so for a beginner this can become a challenge.

Bottom Line

To sum it all up, it is important to know that strength training is very important. Starting from basic stamina and endurance building for MMA fighters, strength building is equally good for people who are not into the MMA business. Strength-building training should be added to all kinds of workouts regardless of the type and the requirement because they are beneficial. Some of the strength-building exercises mentioned above can be replaced or the time can be customized with the help of professional advice; however, exercises that include the use of weight must not be tampered with. You can increase or decrease the reps but you must keep in mind that as a beginner your body might not be able to bear too much weight so give your body enough time to heal.

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