Sunburn vs Sun Poisoning

Sunburn is a kind of skin burn which results from too much exposure to sunlight or sun rays. It’s repeated exposure can lead to severe damage to your skin such as wrinkles, dark spots and maybe skin cancer. 

The department of CDCP (Centre for Disease Control and Prevention) stated that more than one-third adults of the world have been affected with sunburns within the past years despite using sunscreen on both their body and face.

The irregular use of sunscreen and too much exposure to the sun rays can cause much more damage to your skin than you think. This you can not tell anyone with the assurance that you have been affected with a sunburn or sun poisoning. You never know when to apply a home remedy or to visit a doctor immediately.

We are here providing some basic information and necessary differences between the Sunburn and Sun Poisoning so that you will figure the desired info you are seeking. 


What is SUNBURN?

The harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun when getting in contact with your skin, it causes some kind of redness and irritation to your skin and this is simply known as the sunburn. It also causes swelling, itchiness and tender skin if your skin got too much exposure from the sun rays.

Any uncovered part of your body — including your ear cartilage, scalp and lips — can be affected by a sunburn.Even secured areas of your body which have been covered by the clothes can also, get burn. If your dress has a free weave that permits bright (UV) light through, you will get a sunburn very easily. Your eyes, which are incredibly touchy to the sun’s UV light, can also face some harmful effects. 

Risk factors that can lead to a sunburn

1 Having fair complexion, blue eyes, and red or light hair 

2 Living or traveling some place radiant, warm or at high height 

3 Working outside 

4 Swimming or splashing your skin with water frequently, as wet skin will in general consume more than dries skin 

5 Blending open air diversion and drinking liquor 

6 Routinely presenting unprotected skin to UV light from daylight or fake sources, for example, tanning beds 

7 Taking a medication that ignites you bound to (photosensitizing prescriptions)


Sun poisoning is generally an extreme case of sunburn when the harmful UV radiation inflames your skin. Its symptoms are nearly similar to those of the sunburn and can lead to more dangerous situations if not noticed at the time. This sun poisoning is most common in the sunny days or in summer. 

There are some extra symptoms which can differentiate your sun poisoning from the sunburn.

1 Blisters

2 Hives or rash

3 Fever and chills

4 Nausea

5 Dehydration

5 Headache

6 Pain and tingling

7 Vision problems

This term of sun poisoning is misinterpreted sometimes regarding its harmful effects. It shows that you have been poisoned by some serious sun rays on your skin. 

When there is scorching heat in the sky and it is noontime, the UV rays of the sun are very harmful at this time. This is when your skin comes in direct contact with the sun rays and simply gets affected by a serious sun poisoning.

It can be more dangerous and serious if you remain out in the sun rays for a very long time without applying a good sunscreen which contains SPF 30.

If you do not take proper precautions then this will make your skin worse.

Risk factors that can cause SUN POISONING

1 If you are having a light complexion of skin.

2 If any of the family members is suffering from skin cancer in your family.

3 If you are taking any kind of antibiotics from a very long time.

4 If you are taking any oral contraceptives which have been prescribed to you by a doctor.

How to treat your SUNBURN and SUN POISONING?

You can sometimes give home treatment to the sunburn and sun poisoning. You can find pretty home remedies to cure your sunburn and sun poisoning. Here are some remedies that you can try.

1 Go away from the sun rays and find some shady areas indoors.

2 Try to hydrate your skin by drinking more fluids and beverages which are good for the skin.

3 If there is a pain in your body, then you can take ibuprofen or acetaminophen.

4 You can also apply moisturizer on the affected part of the skin.

  • Please take a rapid action to get relief from the pain and swelling If you are suffering from such things;

1 A large area of the body has been affected by the sunburn.

2 Symptoms of fever and chills

3 Swelling on the face and upset stomach.

How to protect from the SUN?

1 You can easily apply a sunscreen of SPF 30 which is water-resistant.

2 Try to reapply the sunscreen every two hours because it gets soaked up by the skin or it may be wiped up by the clothes. 

3 Try to be in shady areas as much as possible.

4 Do not go out between the 10 AM to 4 PM because, at this time, the UV rays of the sun are more harmful.

5 You can also check for your birthday suits every year and consult it with your dermatologist if you find any changes. Try to follow the proper ABCDE method that is asymmetry, border, colour, diameter, evolution.


It is very important and recommended to follow your all personal skincare routine to get a flawless and beautiful skin from head to toe. Also, examine your skin time to time and report the changes to your dermatologist for better results.

If you perform all the self-care routines sincerely, then you have fewer chances of getting affected by the sunburn or sun poisoning in the sunny area.

Please consult with your dermatologist if it is still hard for you to identify between sunburn and sun poisoning.

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