Best Exercises to Relieve Lower Back Pain

10 Best Exercises to Relieve Lower Back Pain

Lower back pain has always been a worry to many. Sometimes, the pain radiates even to the head, causing more pain and trouble to an individual. Medical treatments work but they aren’t a permanent solution, the pain tends to come back in most of the patients as soon as they stop taking the treatment. In such a situation, opting for a natural way like exercising to cure the pain is the best alternative to choose and on top of that, there’s no side effect associated with it as such. In this article, we have come up with a list of 10 best exercises that help in relieving the lower back pain.

10 Best Exercises to Relieve Lower Back Pain

1. Pelvic Tilts

Pelvic Tilts

You must try engaging yourself in pelvic tilts to get relief from constant lower back pain. The exercise also helps in building up ab and glute muscles.

Procedure –

• Start by lying on the floor with your back and fold your knees in the same manner as it is shown in the picture.

• Place your arms straight on the floor in alignment with your body.

• Try to lift your pelvis region and retain the same position for a minimum of 10 seconds.

You’ll feel your core getting tight along with your lower back muscles getting stretched, that’ll result in providing ease to your pain.

• Do at least 8-10 repetitions daily.

2. Bridges


Bridges provide strength to the muscles of your lower back, hips and hamstrings. Moreover, performing this exercise on regular basis promotes the stability of the spine.

Procedure –

• Lie on your back, placing your arms next to your sides.

• Bend your knees and put your feet flat on to the floor.

• Raise your hips slowly from the floor, you will feel your gluteal muscles and hamstrings getting contracted while your lower back experiences a stretch.

• Hold on to the same position for 5 seconds.

• Try repeating the same for 12-15 times daily.

3. Lower Back Rotational Stretches

Lower Back Rotational Stretches

This exercise comes up with many advantages for the doer. It not only helps in relaxing your lower back muscles but also provides mobility to the muscles of your core and pelvic.

Procedure –

• Begin by laying on the floor with your knees slightly bent and your shoulders should touch the floor. They shouldn’t rise above.

• Stretch both your arms and rotate your bent knees together over to one side, while facing towards the opposite side.

• Stay in the same position for 5-8 seconds.

• Go back to the relaxing position.

• Now, try the same from the opposite side. Hold and then relax. 

• Repeat this complete set for 3-5 times daily.

4. Press-up Back Extensions

Press-up Back Extensions

This posture in prone position relieves stress from the muscles of your lower back. As your arms are involved in this exercise, the muscles of your triceps get strengthened.

Procedure –

• Lie down in the prone position and make sure that your hands are placed beneath your shoulders.

• Extend your arms up while keeping the elbows straight.

• Lift your upper body with the support of your arms and chest and, then stretch your head back. Your back will get arched along with your hips.

• Stay in the same position for 8-10 seconds and exhale while coming to the starting position.

• Begin by doing 5-8 repetitions daily.

5. Cat Stretch/Pose

Cat Stretch/Pose

Cat Stretch/Pose is a yoga pose which is known as Marjariasana. It works in the favour of the back and neck by eliminating the tension from the muscles, granting flexibility to your spine. Besides, it helps women with period cramps.

Procedure –

• Start by coming into a crawling position.

Try to form a table in a way that your back serves as the tabletop and your hands and feet as the legs of the table.

• Keep your hands underneath your shoulders whereas knees underneath your hips.

• As you breathe in, raise your chin and head up. Uplift your tailbone and try to look down at your navel.

• Hold on to the same position for a few seconds and then revert to the table-like position.

• Practice 5-7 sets on daily basis.

6. Half Lord of the Fishes

Half Lord of the Fishes

This pose gives your spine stability and reduces backache. The body part used in this pose is hips, shoulders, and neck. It helps to alleviate fatigue along with the toning of internal organs.

Procedure –

• Sit and bring your right foot closer to your body.

• Put your left foot over the right foot.

• Straighten your spine as you rotate your body towards the left.

• Use your left hand for support by placing it onto the floor behind you.

• Use your elbow to wrap your left knee and look at the side of either of the shoulders.

• Try to retain the same pose for up to 60 seconds and then try the same pose from another side.

7. Lying Lateral Leg Lifts

Lying Lateral Leg Lifts

This exercise helps in the smooth working of hip abductor muscles. These muscles provide support to the pelvic area and help in alleviating the lower back pain.

Procedure –

• Start with lying down on your right side. Keep your body straight with legs stretched and feet piled on top of each other.

• Now bend your right arm and keep under your head as a medium of support. And for extra support, place your left hand in front of your stomach.

• Moving forward, exhale and gently raise your left leg off the lower leg to the extent when your muscles get stretched in your lower back.

• Similarly, inhale and put down your left leg slowly on top of your right leg.

• Repeat this exercise 10-12 times, and then switch to the other side.

8. Superman Pose

Superman Pose

As kids, we used to feel amazed by looking at the superman and wanted to become like him. This superman pose gives you the superman’s vibes for real along with easing your lower back pain.

Procedure –

• Lay flat on your stomach and stretch your arms straight in alignment with your shoulders.

• Try to lift your body as if you are flying and no other body part except for your core and thighs should touch the floor.

• Hold the position for as long as you can.

• Repeat the same for 10 times.

9. Bird Dog

Bird Dog

Bird Dog is a simple yet extremely helpful exercise when it comes to allaying lower back pain. Also, it contributes to strengthening the muscles of back, hips and core and, encourages a proper body posture.

Procedure –

  • Come in a table-like position with your hands directly below your shoulders and knees directly below your hips.

• Now, keeping the shoulders and hips aligned to the floor, upraise your right arm and left leg.

• Maintain the same position for a few seconds without bending your back. Keep it straight.

• Try the same with the left arm and right leg.

• Repeat the set for 5-7 times.

10. Child’s Resting Pose

Child's Resting Pose

Child’s Resting Pose is commonly known as Balasana. It is beneficial in removing tension from your spine, making the flow of blood better in your spine. Also, it is good for your hips, core and ankles.

Procedure –

• To start, you need to sit on your heels, without any gap between the knees.

• Try to touch the floor with your forehead and exhale.

• Extend your arms forward in a way your chest touches your thighs.

• Stay in the same position for 50-60 seconds and then return to the starting position.

• Do 8-10 repetitions daily.


We understand that most of you find it difficult to make time for exercise out of your hectic schedule but giving a few minutes to any of these exercises will work in your favour by serving your purpose of relieving lower back. So, stop relying on medicines for this common yet trouble-causing health issue.

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