Is Nair Bad For You?

What is Nair?

Nair is a hair removal product which is also known as a depilatory. This cream can be used at home very easy to clean unwanted hairs on your body. Many brand creams have been manufactured in the market nowadays which sell their products in the name of chemical depilatory. 

It generally removes the unwanted hairs temporarily. You can easily find these Nair cream on any nearby drug store. You just need to apply it on the surface of your skin and spread it. The hairs dissolve by applying this cream and hence it allows you to wipe up all the skin area.

How does Nair Works?

This chemical Nair cream targets the hair follicles to remove it temporarily from the skin.  The hairs are made up of protein and fibres called keratin. These keratin fibres are chemically bonded together like yarn. This strong bond is weakened when the Nair solution or we say a Depilatory fluid is applied on the hairs. This is how the hairs got removed when washed or wiped out properly after using the cream.

Nair Ingredients

So much of active ingredients are present in the Nair cream which is as follow below;

1.The salts and of the thioglycolic acid such as potassium or calcium is present in the Nair cream.

2.Also, there is a base of sodium hydroxide, calcium potassium is also present in the cream. 

The swelling or opening of the shaft of the hair is because of these base chemicals in the Nair. When these chemical salts enter into the hairs then it immediately starts the process of breaking down the strong bonds which hold the hair fibres together. 

The sulfur bond in the shaft of the hairs is being attacked by the Nair. This is the reason why you get a smell of rotten eggs as the sulfur reaction is responsible for this.

There is a lab study on Nair that is unable to show it’s effects on the cotton, rayon and polyester as this natural synthetic fibres do not contain sulfur bonds. And this is the reason Nair does not damage your clothes.

NAIR also contains some water, fragrance, calcium carbonate, solution of sodium silicate, sodium lauryl sulfate and cetyl alcohol.

How does Nair work on legs, face, pubic hairs and stubble? 

Legs: Nair is well known for using on legs to remove unwanted hairs temporarily. It is very easy to apply and it takes nearly a few minutes to cover all parts of the legs. You can leave it for 10 minutes or more depending upon the thickness of the hairs of legs.

Face: Nair is also used to remove facial hairs as well. Nair has been specially designed with milder formulas to remove facial hairs. It also comes with a facial hair removal brush with it. The facial hair cream is designed to use only on trace because the skin of the face is more delicate than other parts of the body. The hairs on the face are even thinner than hairs on other parts of the body.

Pubic Hair: It is advised not to use plastic spatula on the pubic part. Instead, you can use a soft cotton cloth to wipe up the unwanted pubic hairs after the application of the cream.

Stubble: If you apply the cream above the surface area of the skin then it would work properly. If the stubble is just on the skin surface or is shorter then this will not work properly.

Don’t use Nair for Nose hair

The skin around the nostrils is very soft and thin. Try to avoid the use of such chemical depilatories around the nostrils, eyebrows or closure to the eye.

How long does Nair work?

This depends upon the quality of the cream or how fast your hair grows. Many of the Nair creams can get rid of hairs up to one month while others can be effective only for a week. It just gets rid of the hair shaft, not the root of the hair. Thus, it is just like shaving than you used to shave every week frequently. 

Benefits of Nair and other hair-removal products

These hair removal products are very easy to use. They can be easily available on any of the drug stores. It can be easily applied to any kind of skin and colour. There is no pain in using such cream. Moreover, these hair creams are cheaper than waxing and other lasers operations. You don’t need to put yourself in the painful process like threading to remove your unwanted hairs of the body.

Side effects and precautions

Using Nair cream can be harmful too if it does not suit your skin. These chemical depilatories can sometimes cause allergic reactions, chemical burns, rashes, skin peeling. The chemical fumes in the Nair can cause blisters and irritation to your skin. It can also cause some serious asthma symptoms to such people. There are different Nair products for sensitive areas which can be used to avoid certain allergies.

Is Nair Bad For You?

Hair can sometimes cause chemical burns and lead to skin burns if it’s calcium hydroxide and potassium thioglycolate make a potent chemical reaction because of remaining cream on hand more than the recommended time. 

It is always to keep in mind that the recommended time should be followed by discipline. Otherwise, the results can be harsh too. 

To avoid such kinds of irrigation and allergic reactions, please read the manuals carefully and follow the guidelines. Every packet is designed with a specific formula to act on different types of body parts and thus is recommended that you should use the product as per the guidelines. 


This is all that you should know before applying the Nair cream on your body parts to remove the unwanted hairs temporarily. Just keep in mind not to leave the Nair cream on the skin for too long. Otherwise, it will cause irritations and lead to serious allergic reactions. Following the guidelines can save you from chemical burns and skin irritations.

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