Home Weight Loss Exercises That Will Not Take More Than 15 Minutes

Exercise is great for health but it requires consistency, dedication, and time. Most of us want to indulge in a healthy lifestyle but our constant rush to keep up with the work is not allowing us to do so. This means that more than motivation, we need enough time to make the most out of our exercises. However, according to recent studies, it was concluded that you don’t need hours of gym training. Instead, just a few minutes will be enough if you know how to plan your exercises. Planning exercises for a beginner can be very daunting, which is the reason you will need professional advice. A professional can help you make the most out of your few minutes of training time. Apart from this, a professional can also help you set a goal and then reach that goal faster. Most of the instructors discourage junk burn, which means unless you don’t have an end goal in mind, you don’t have to start exercising.

For beginners who are not familiar with home workouts or high-intensity less-time workouts, we have developed an easy plan. With the help of this plan, you will be able to select the exercises that suit you the most. You can either select the whole exercises or you can mix and match according to your taste. Apart from the exercises, we have also explained a few things about the workout plan so that you can easily pick and choose the exercises that you like.

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How Less Time Impacts The Benefits?

We all listen to men and women talking about their extensive workout routine that consists of multiple gym sessions per day. On the contrary, medical studies are explaining that you can reduce your workout time to just 10 minutes if you want. This gives a very confusing impression to beginners who are just stepping into a healthy lifestyle. To explain this in detail, you need to know how our body works and how we burn calories.

Our energy is used for three different things, this includes:

·         Body healing

·         Physical activities

·         Bodily functions

All these functions require the use of calories, however, if you want to speed up the calorie-burning, you need to increase at least one of these functions. Since you have no control over the healing and the bodily functions, you can just work on the daily activities and increase that. To increase the daily activity or exercises, you need to know how to speed up the calorie burn. Three important things can speed up calorie burn:

·         The intensity of the workout

·         The time of workout

·         The type of exercise

As you want to bring down the time limit, you need to increase the intensity of the workout. For increasing the intensity you will be required to use various kinds of exercises that are more intense than others. You will increase the weight rather than increasing the rep, this will help you bulk up to better and burn more calories.

Exercises to Help You Lose Weight

There are so many different exercises that you can use for weight loss. One of the major exercises that almost everyone recommends is running, whereas you have so many others as well. You can start with simple exercises that you can keep doing for a whole week and once your body gets used to it, you can then move to an intense workout.


Swimming is an excellent exercise that involves your whole body. Your upper body, as well as your lower body and core muscles, are involved. Apart from this, it is not a boring exercise that will make you tired. When you are in the water, the body will not only feel cool but also much lighter. Research proves that swimming is great for relieving stress. You will be able to wash yourself up, which will improve your skin health as well.


Jogging is great for fat burning because you are increasing the speed and you are involving your whole body. You are not just working with the help of your feet but also your hands are in sync with your body movement. If you increase the speed and reduce time, you will be able to burn a good amount of calories and save time as well.

Jump Rope

Jump rope is another excellent exercise where you don’t require expensive machinery. It is all about your determination and your body rhythm. If you continue to jump rope for at least 15 minutes each day, you will see that your calves’ muscles are getting stronger. Your upper body is getting stronger because of gripping and rotating the rope and you are losing aft as well.


Shadow Boxing is great for the whole body. You just need gloves and a punching bag and you are ready to go. Apart from calorie-burning, you will learn a few things about self-defense as well. You can start without the gloves and punching bag. However, once your muscle memory gets better, you will learn and then you can use the gloves and punching bag. The use of a punching bag is good because it helps you throw powerful punches and you will burn more calories.


Trampoline is so much fun that people genuinely love it without thinking of exercises. As a child, most of us loved the trampoline. This is great for engaging your whole body which will burn more calories. A simple session of 15 minutes will be equivalent enough for any other heavy-duty exercise. It is fun, you will not get bored and if you have kids, this can become a bonding experience for you as well.


Crunches are targeted to the abs and core muscles however you don’t have to go for simple crunches. Instead, you can go for a hybrid of leg raises and simple crunch. Another interesting thing is bicycle crunches but you need to start by mastering the simple crunches. Once you have mastered that only then you should move to any other types.

How to Make a Workout Plan Out Of It?

Now that we have listed down all the basics of exercises, we can now understand the workout plan as well. Within the workout plan, you need to start with basic stretching exercises and then you can add a small session of different exercises. Make sure there is a small session of rest as well, this way you will be converting any simple exercises into high-intensity workout training. Another important tip is to complete it off with a session of simple cool-down performance.

Workout Plan

Stretching – 3 min

Rest – 30 seconds

Jogging – 3 min

Rest – one minute

Shadowboxing – 3 minutes

Rest – 30 seconds

Jump rope – 3 minutes

Rest – 30 seconds

Crunches – 3 minutes

Rest – 30 seconds

Plank – hold for 1 minute

Cool Off Session with Simple Yoga

Make a Workout Plan According To Your Need

This workout plan will be enough for 15 minutes. You can also use push up, crunches, boxing, burpees, and squats. Mix and match are better because you will not get bored and your body will get used to all different kinds of exercises. Most people like to carry on with the same exercises and that is also good but after some weeks, you will see that the same exercise is not working so well. Then you need to change the exercise and this will eventually help you regain your tempo.

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