Causes of Numbness in Toes and Tingling in Fingers

Causes of Numbness in Toes and Tingling in Fingers

We all have felt the numbness that develops in toes. This type of numbness could be a result of different actions you perform that might make your toes and fingers go numb and tingle. But the exact reason behind a specific numbness is sometimes a very crucial thing to find out. There can be many disorders or problems in your body in some cases which might cause the numbness. But don’t worry about this a lot, as in most of the cases the numbness is due to a strain or applied pressure for a long duration.

5 Causes of Numbness in Toes and Tingling in Fingers

1. The Pins And Needle’s Effect

This one is nothing to be feared of, and one can sort it out very easily. In most of the cases, this effect is the main cause why your toes and niger start sensing numbness. The effect is caused by deactivation or by pressure on the nervous impulse and the blood supply reaching the toes and fingers. One can say that numbness is an action of pressure generated. Most of us have experienced this type of numbness when we sleep by keeping our hands below our head. This is a typical example of this tingling. Even the situations in which people keep their legs folded for too long can be a cause. In such a folding, the pressure is exerted by the bodyweight on the toes, and the supply tends to cut off. The best thing you need to know about this effect is its harm to the body. It is very much harmless and reversible. All you have to do is to remove the extra pressure on your toes, and the point of pressure and things will come back to normal. So all you need is to provide an instantaneous jerk, and everything is back to normal.

2. Diabetes

Diabetes is a condition caused by the ill regulation of body hormone “insulin”. If a person is not able to use or utilize his body sugar properly, conditions such as diabetes can occur. Exactly diabetes has a very long and clear cut connection with numbness of toes and tingling of fingers as seen in the results, more than 40 % of people who have diabetes suffer from this. It could be a huge help if one finds out an indication of diabetes in this way. Most of the cases of extreme diabetes is a result of no checking or late diagnosis of the disease. The main symptom to see in Diabetes is diabetic neuropathy. This can result in nerve damage and more of such things in a normal body. The best thing to keep a notice here is the detection. This symptom starts from the toes and then spreads further to the hands. One can get a checkup done if such problems or numbness is seen in this pattern. You can find that more than 40% of diabetic patients do have this problem.

3. Vitamins

Vitamins are among the basic bodybuilding structures needed for a long and efficient functioning of the Human body. Some of these are even responsible for nervous development and protection. Vitamins such as E, B1, B6 are among the important vitamins present in the human circulation that can have a huge role in nervous maintenance and development. If we talk of Vitamin B12, it is one of the most important vitamins present in the human body. Its deficiency can cause pernicious Anemia which again can cause low blood flow in the veins of the arm and toes further causing a numbness out there. All the numbness caused in different parts of the body could be a very severe symptom that can show and could be an indication of deficiency. For a properly functioning body, it is very much necessary that you recover from all these deficiencies. Getting your vitamins check could be a measure after you feel tingling in your fingers. Even sometimes excess of certain vitamins can cause this problem. B6, when taken in a huge amount could be very dangerous and can cause numbness of toes.

4. Toxins

Toxins and different types of alcohol are very much responsible for making your toes go numb and hyper tingling in fingers. Alcoholism is one of the best-known causes that can insert harmful chemicals in your body. Alcoholism can lead you to deficiency of important components such as thiamine and others. This is among the major causes why people who are addicted to alcohol or are extremely prone to other forms of drugs get tremors easily. Not just tremor but this can cause numbness of toes and tingle in the fingers. Recent studies have also made this fact a possibility that alcohol is very actively involved in degeneration of neurons or the basic structure of our nervous system. This can be a life-threatening danger, and people with such degradation can have numbness in their toes and fingers. This is an indication of things happening, and one must get it checked before it’s too late. These temporary tingling and numbness in such cases could become a permanent one or to shorten things up it can become a cause for complete paralysis of the certain part of your body.

5. Infections, trauma, and diseases

All the mentioned points could be among the major reasons you can feel numbness in your toes. Infections such as chronic inflammatory demyelinating polyneuropathy which is a very rare infection seen among the people. It causes chronic inflammations in the patient’s body, which leads to polyneuropathy, and this can cause numbness in your toes. Not just numbness, but this can cause a more prolonged and sometimes a painful numbness in the body. Trauma or injuries are among other reasons for such numbness. Trauma can cause accidental breakage of nerves and further could cause them to degrade. Other diseases like Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease could be among hereditary syndromes causing tingling in Fingers.


There could be a number of reasons why you are feeling numbness in toes and Tingling in Fingers. But if this disorder is an indication of or caused due to serious damage to the fatal system of the body, then one needs to worry. However, in most of the cases, it is just temporary and completely harmless so relax and stretch out as this numbness will fade after some time.

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