BJJ the Ultimate Functional Fitness – Everything to Know

Martial arts have always been in the mainstream even if we rewind a few decades.  From the oldest James Bond movie to the latest karate kid movie, we have seen martial arts being used in mainstream Hollywood movies by heroes and villains. However, when we looked at the martial arts distribution only then we realized that we always accepted martial arts as a form of combat fighting. Most of us were not even aware that martial arts are an umbrella term that includes so many different combat-based fighting styles.

From the use of ancient rock fights to slingshots, swords, and knives, we have seen combat developing into a systematic game that consists of rules, regulations, buffers, and techniques. Most of us are familiar with the basic martial arts rules but when it comes to BJJ, we hardly understand anything.

There is no doubt that BJJ requires a lot of practice and technical training. The main reason is that BJJ is still going through a developmental phase where older and more dangerous maneuvers have been removed. On the contrary, instructors, BJJ stars, and professionals are looking for ways to refine the traditional maneuvers and give them a contemporary look.  

BJJ is a martial arts form that is based on grappling maneuvers. Unlike boxing, Muay Thai and other martial arts forms where powerful punches are kicks are used as the main way to knock out the opponent. BJJ fighters use chokes and locks to acquire submission. For the beginner who is still struggling with a different form of martial arts, we have explained in detail about the BJJ and why it is known to be the ultimate functional fitness.

Why Do You Need to Start Your Martial Arts Training Today?

When we think about martial arts, most of the time we think about self-defense. There is no doubt that the world is becoming more unsafe as we speak and martial arts is a great way to defend yourself against an opponent without the use of any equipment. However, limiting the scope of martial arts to just self-defense is not such a wise move. Here are some of the main benefits of martial arts and BJJ that will convince you to start your martial arts journey from today.

·         Martial arts is great cardio that will help you reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease

·         Martial arts develop self-confidence

·         Martial arts and BJJ helps with mental toughness

·         With the help of martial arts, you will be able to improve your creative skills

·         Martial arts increase the blood flow in the upper body and help with radiant skin, thick, shiny hair, and a lot more.

·         Martial arts is good for relieving stress, depression, and frustration

·         It helps in muscle gain and fat loss

·         Martial arts reduce the chance of diabetes, maintain cholesterol and sugar level in the blood

·         Martial arts help with improving your sitting posture and make you look confident

·         Helps in retaining flexibility in the body which is great for completing all kinds of exercises

BJJ A Different Experience

As we have discussed that within martial arts there are so many different combat games. When it comes to BJJ, you will see a very modern take on the traditional Japanese-style jiu-jitsu. BJJ has been made popular by the UFC. Due to the complex nature that requires better speed, skill, technique, and mental capability, the modern-day BJJ is also known as human chess where the body is used in sync with the brain. Famous among high-profile business tycoons that love the mental relief and extensive training to stay fit, BJJ has become popular in all walks of life. BJJ is not just limited to the fighting aspects. You will see the body movement as well as the training benefit and the impact on health generally. BJJ is now getting famous among people who want to gain muscle. It is an excellent way to improve strength, conditioning with the help of ground-based movement.

Progressing In Martial Arts and BJJ

When most people learn martial arts instructors formulate a basic training method that helps the person learn basic maneuvers and then move to something complex. However, in the case of BJJ, there are so many different hierarchies that are used by instructors. Some of these hierarchies include:

·         Fast exercise to slow pace exercises

·         Least stable leg work to most stable leg work

·         Heavy lifting to light weight lifting

·         Complex lifts to least complex lifts

All these exercises and learning hierarchies have their benefits. However, most people start with basic exercises and then incorporate the BJJ techniques to improve the skill base. When they are done with technical work, they work on strategy and speed. This way they build a good muscle memory that can help them win the game easily without any extra work.

BJJ – The Ultimate Function Training

The idea of functional training is very different from its benefits. We know that BJJ has real-life benefits but most of us do not know that BJJ has an advanced functional training system as well. Functional training and its overall development can be analyzed according to the movement analysis. According to some of the best professional movement analysts and instructors in martial arts, functional movement can help you develop muscle memory that will be long-term. It will also have the exercise benefits that will keep the body fit. While performing and training for BJJ, you don’t need extra gym time. Your BJJ training will work both as your training and the exercise. Your body will gain flexibility that will help you reduce the risk of any injury that may occur during the training, exercise, or daily movement. Being a good function training, BJJ has changed our movements.

Our lazy and passive lifestyle has done more damage than any other disease, infection, or poison. Our body has lost flexibility and even our muscles and bones are getting weaker. Our daily tasks have become a challenge and most people face a lot of issues when they move, walk or carry something. With the help of functional training like BJJ, you will see a change in your overall body movement. Eventually, this will impact your walking and posture as well. The chance of injury will decrease and you will become disciplined in life. Another function benefit is that you will learn to interact as you will learn new things. Most of us have passed the age when we had real friends. In school when we were learning the friendships, we shared were much more permanent than most of the relationships that we share now. The only reason is that in school we had more humility; we were in a learning phase and we saw our friends experiencing the same things as us. Your BJJ institute offers you the same humility, discipline, and learning experience and so your social life improves as well.


For most of the years, we have tried to limit the scope of martial arts. We have either considered it very dangerous or we have associated it with the underworld and mafia. Time is changing now and with mainstream media, people are now getting familiar with the benefits of martial arts as well. Overall, we have seen so many different benefits of martial arts that limiting the scope of martial arts to some random defense moves is not enough. It is time to embrace the true spirit of martial arts and its other forms that are still in the developing phase.

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