TOP 10 best sports for kids: Each toddler has his own activity!

Your Kid is growing and you would like to suggest that he participate in a sport. 

But you don’t know which one would suit him the best, and he has only a vague idea of ​​what he really wants to do. 

Worry not, we’ve got you…

Below are the 10 best sports for children, to choose according to their personality.

The importance of physical activity for children

Children of all ages need physical activity. 

Sports are a fun way for them to stay active and learn new skills. 

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), children between the ages of 5 and 17 should get at least 60 minutes of moderate to vigorous physical activity every day. 

Doing it longer brings additional benefits and reduces the risk of obesity.

Keep in mind, though,

To get the most out of physical activity at these ages, it’s important to consider the abilities of each child, and much of it depends on their age. 

Therefore, these factors must be taken into account before starting, so that the results are positive. 

In some cases, parents and children can even play sports together.

1. Gymnastics

From the youngest age of the child (the baby gym is practiced from 12 months), the gym promotes a good perception of his body and the space around him. 

It also allows you to work on your flexibility. 

This sport also has the advantage of varying between solo exercises and group games, so as to correspond to all the characters. 

The top? Its playful side of course!

2. Swimming

Likewise, swimming is accessible from the first months with the “baby swimming” sessions. 

They then promote the psychomotor development of the little ones and quite simply allow them to become familiar with the water, which will then facilitate learning to swim. 

Swimming allows many activities and requires great perseverance in the long term.

3. Judo

Like other martial arts or combat sports, judo is an ideal sport for children in whom it is difficult to channel energy and regulate aggression. 

Judo helps children (from 4 years old) develop the anchoring of fundamental values ​​such as respect for others and rules while learning to control their body.

4. Football

Beyond the fact that your children are fans of such players that they know from TV, football is a very interesting team sport in that it requires everyone to find their place in the team. 

Like a society where everyone has a different but essential role to play.

5. Basketball

Basketball is also a team sport, and its principle is based entirely on this collective aspect, rejecting any possible individualism. 

Like rugby, basketball develops team spirit in children.

6. Climbing

If many parents fear this activity for safety reasons, they can be reassured: accidents are extremely rare

On the other hand, the qualities of this sport are numerous: climbing promotes self-confidence (perfect for the timidest!), balance, of course, but also the spirit of analysis.

7. Horse riding

No need to praise once again the merits of the relationship (of respect) between the child and the animal, maintained by horseback riding. 

In addition, the concrete aspect of this activity is very healthy, and the constraints related to the care of the animals seem to make the children responsible. 

The catch? The cost of the sessions and the equipment!

8. Athletics

Athletics is a sport that requires and develops perseverance, as well as mental strength and a taste for effort. 

It requires great motivation and concentration, and can therefore be particularly interesting for children who have difficulty setting goals, and especially sticking to them.

9. Rollerblading

Rollerblading is undoubtedly one of the sports that most appeals to toddlers… before having tried it. 

Its playful side is the reason, of course, as well as the feeling of freedom, glide and speed associated with it. 

Besides, rollerblading helps in developing balance and body reflexes.

10. Fencing

Accessible from 5 years old (before, it would be potentially dangerous!).

This amazing sport not only helps in promoting the development of the child’s coordination skills, but also the spirit of analysis, concentration, and precision. 

And what’s more, it’s class!


Indeed, whether you cannot go out because of the bad weather… 

..or, at the moment, because of the confinement due to Covid-19, it is very important to offer your children a physical activity.

Do your best to encourage them to move, walk, and run to improve their body circulation..

In short, whatever age and sport you choose, the main thing is that children have fun by being physically active. 

To do this, parents must first help them choose the right sport and then serve as a role model for them, both in terms of sportsmanship and commitment.

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