Best Short Messages for Anger Management

Humans go through several emotions in a day, amongst all the emotions Anger is quite often to occur. This single emotion possesses the capability of drowning an individual into the deep sea of sorrow, loneliness, humiliation, anxiety, and sometimes possessiveness.


Anger is nothing but a negative emotion that is felt by a human being due to some contrary acts (behavior) of other persons or circumstances that fail to match their desired expectations. In short, it is an emotion that shatters down a person’s happiness, hopes, and desires.

This emotion is often faced by humans because in present times every individual constantly carrying a huge load of work pressure, personal/professional responsibilities, and their dreams or wishes and a little dissatisfaction in this direction all make their mind restless and make them prone to Anger.


Have you ever a pop-up box? Anger is just like that. Any word, situation, or action is enough to trigger this emotion in any person. Generally, the root causes behind this vary from person to person. Because every person has their limit of patience and tolerance. But, people who suffer from the following situation have seen to become angry promptly in comparison to others.

Causes are as follows :

  • Financial Issues.Unnecessary workload.
  • Peer pressures.
  • Bullying.
  • Accidents (Lost their closed ones).
  • Sexual Assaults.
  • Other tragic experiences etc.
  • A person doesn’t need to be going through with this situation personally.

Even a bad experience of their closed one can affect them a lot. And consequently, hit their hot spot in similar situations.`


The Anger being a destructive emotion is easily identified by some physical actions of an individual. The symptoms may include the following :

  • Heavy Breathing and High Heart Rate.
  • Loud Voice.
  • Rude Behaviour.
  • Excess sweat on forehead and palms.
  • Shivering.
  • Red Eyes.
  • Increased intake of alcoholic substances.
  • Frustration or Irritation.
  • Nervousness.
  • Sudden arguments or fights.

Although these symptoms are not a hard and fast rule to identify the angered as they might occur in other situations as well. Yet, these can be helpful in most situations.


However, Anger is a common emotion like happiness or sadness which is likely to be faced by any individual in their daily routine. But, unlike others, it’s constant presence can cause several negative impacts on the life of an individual as well on their closed ones.

The negative Effects of Anger can be divided into three broad categories. These are as follows-

  • Social: 

Reduce family or friend circle, loss of reputation or status, and boycotting by peers.

  • Physical:

Body Pains, Bood Pressure or digestion issues, Dull Skin, digestion, insomnia, and heart attacks in extreme cases.

  • Mental: 

Depression, Lack of confidence, and Addiction to alcoholic substances.


Every emotion has its own positive and negative traits depend upon its effect at the other end of the situation. Sometimes even a tiny wrong step may harm you to a greater extent and such harm becomes a tough job to restore. 

And Anger fits into this space perfectly. Because, in anger, a person loses his capacity to make a rational judgment and takes harsh steps which are inappropriate according to the need of the situations and thus, ended up hurting the sentiments of himself or others and left a person in a state of utter regret and loneliness.

In a nutshell, we can call Anger is a termite amongst all emotions. This is because it slowly destroys the thinking ability of a healthy person and makes it a slave of unhealthy thinking and actions.


According to human psychology, every emotion is necessary for developing a mindset of a prudent man, but this is also a well-accepted fact that “anything more then its requirement is worst for a human ” and the same principle applies to Anger.

A person can control anger by keeping a calm attitude towards a situation and the best way to keep your mind calm are as follows:

  •  Practising Yoga AND Meditation. 
  •  Listening Music or religious chants.
  •  Sharing problem with their closed ones.
  • Pursuing Hobbies in free time etc.

These ways are not mandatory to follow and individuals can try any other way that refreshes him the most.

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