Some Different & Adventurous Date Ideas for Crazy Loving Couple

It is not necessary always to act as a romantic couple or ideal duos like romantic movies. A relationship can be adventurous too and if you and your partner are a crazy and travel-loving couple then it is the golden opportunity to experience the adventures of life. 

In this article, we are going to share with you some extreme crazy and adventurous ideas for dating you may choose from. Explore the article and give your partner a little surprise. 

1.Explore any random point from the map

 Close your eyes and just randomly select an area from the map and go there together. Find out where you can explore in that area, any exotic beach or mountain. You will find the journey more amazing if you can go there by road. Driving will add very much fun and enjoyment to this adventure. You can also select anywhere in the world and go there by flight as well. 

2. Go for hiking and drink wine there 

Plan a date and go for hiking, proceed to the top of the mountain and celebrate that by having two glasses of wine together. Craziest thing you can do ever. 

3. Cook together in an open spot 

Cooking together at the house at the weekend, it’s a normal thing every couple can do. But how about if you can do the same outside; like under the mountain or beside the beach or lake. Just make an outdoor picnic and enjoy cooking together. 

4. Visit somewhere you never been 

Check the place in your region where you both didn’t go ever. Google that place, know about the area, and make your way. It will be very interesting to visit a totally new place and explore it together. 

5. Watch the sunset together 

Go for a long day drive and stop when the sunset will be happening. Take two glasses of drink and sit on the back of the car. Relish the environment together. 

6. Try a water sport 

Water skiing, surfing, kayaking, jet-skiing are the different types of water sports you can try together. Water sporting is so much fun and an adventurous thing to do. You both will love this new experience. 

7. Play in the mud 

Raining outside and feeling bored? Don’t worry, it’s a great idea to spend time together and do something funny. Go outside and play in the mud together. You will feel like going to your childhood. Getting messy together is the craziest thing to do. 

8. Have a bike ride 

It is said that bike riding of a couple gives a new freshness to the relationship. So, go for a bike ride, also you can select a destination and go there by bike. Feel the freshness of the air and your relation as well. 

9. Dance in the rain 

Definitely, rains are romantic and if you dance together in the rain. It will bring you both more closer. So, while raining, go to the rooftop or go outside, hold each other and dance. 

10. Visit a safari park 

Visiting a safari park together for a whole day will be an adventurous thing for a couple. Experience the wildlife live and enjoy together. 

11. Play truth & dare 

Here in this game, you will get the real-life adventure without doing anything. Play truth and dare game with your partner, you will get to know many unknown things about your partner or you can give something daring and adventurous thing to do as a dare. Same for you also. 

12. Go for sky diving 

Sky diving, the craziest thing you can do together and it is quite extreme as well. Choose a beautiful location and go for this. You won’t have the option to seize a similar time, yet you’ll both be humming on adrenaline after which will help to boost your sentiments of affection. 

13. Take a food tour date 

Yes, you are reading right, it’s a food tour, a very suitable date for food lover couple. Food tour means, select a state or area where you will get all the delicious food items, go there, and explore their local cuisine. You both will love the date and it will give you a different kind of dating experience. 

14. Go for a helicopter ride 

Choose this idea and go for helicopter riding. You can see the whole city at a glance and the city will look more beautiful from up. This will add an extra adventure to your experience. This is a quiet pricier dating option, but it will be totally different dating experience. 

15. Do camping 

Camping is such an adventure and doing this with your partner is the most amazing thing. Choose a place, it might be under the mountain, near the forest or lake, or beside a beach. You both will get a unique experience. 

16. Go for a drive without a destination

Usually, we do what, check google, choose a place, and go there. But this will be a great unusual thing for dating that going for road trips without a destination. You will feel mysterious about the place. This is the true face of exploring any area. 

17. Do some cleaning in a public place

In summer people do outdoor picnics, bbq parties, and so on. The area generally get very dirty. You both can go for a cleaning mission and clean that area. This idea will be an admirable and inspirational thing for other couples. 

18. Stay without any technology in a treehouse 

Stay one day in a treehouse just you and your partner without using any kind of technology. This will be the most unusual thing and date for a couple. Your feelings and affection for each other will broaden after this date. 

19. Go skating 

Going skating together is a great fun thing. It will look like teamwork, it will give you a chance to hold each other to balance. If you don’t know how to skate, don’t back off. It will be always fun to do new things together. 

20. Visit a haunted house

This idea will lead to experience the real adventure. Locate a haunted house and explore the house at night. You can do it at day time also, but the night is the most appropriate time for this adventure. 


A date can make your bond stronger, and doing something unusual and adventurous is extremely beneficial. This can build up your understanding. It is something out of the box than regular movie-dinner dates. Along with these, it will bring new excitement and ray of spark in your relationship.

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